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Before and After Gallery


Husband wanted to surprise his wife after 7 years of marriage by restyling their wedding rings.

  • jewelry photoMitch Husband Before
  • jewelry photoMitch Husband After


Added 7 diamonds per side to symbolize years of marriage.

  • jewelry photoMitch Wife Before
  • jewelry photoMitch Wife After



Old Amber gem was broken – replaced with Sapphire

  • jewelry photoLinda Before
  • jewelry photoLinda After
  • jewelry photo


Restyled Mother and Grandmother`s diamond rings adding halo to Grandma`s diamond in centre

  • jewelry photoAubrey Before
  • jewelry photoAubrey After
  • jewelry photo 


Grandmother`s diamond ring was given to 18 year old granddaughter – ring was restyled adding gemstones to create a young and fresh look


  • jewelry photoDeSand Before
  • jewelry photoDeSand After


Grandmother`s diamond ring was left to 3 granddaughters.  Together with Leeanne they created a special design allowing each girl to kept one diamond from the original ring.  The girls each made their new rings unique by a gemstone of their choice.


  • jewelry photoRutledge Before
  • jewelry photoRutledge After 1
  • jewelry photoRutledge After 2
  • jewelry photoRutledge After 3


Mother split a large original diamond cluster ring and Leeanne created a unique ring for her daughter using the small diamonds.  For the second ring Leeanne kept the large centre marquise diamond and restyled a new diamond ring for the mother.

  • jewelry photoRosa Before
  • jewelry photoRosa After 1
  • jewelry photoRosa After 2


Leeanne created a new look from a treasured family ring.


  • jewelry photoSheila Before
  • jewelry photoSheila After


Leeanne restyled a beautiful right hand ring using the diamonds from clients Mother and Grandmother`s wedding bands and engagement rings.  For additional colour we added small rubies.

  • jewelry photoSpisak Before
  • jewelry photoSpisak After


Leeanne reset center emerald cut diamond from original engagement ring into new double Halo style.  This was a gift from husband after their second child was born.

  • jewelry photoCarroll Before
  • jewelry photoCarroll After (top view)
  • jewelry photoCarroll After (side view)


Leeanne removed diamonds from 2 rings and created a new more modern ring – to create more energy additional gemstones were added.

  • jewelry photoNoble Front View
  • jewelry photoNoble Design Side View


Leeanne combined 3 pieces of jewellery from a deceased husband creating a beautiful diamond ring that honors his memory.

  • jewelry photoEmily Before (A)
  • jewelry photoEmily After (View 1)
  • jewelry photoEmily After (View 2)

RutledgeThe owners wants to keep a similar style but update and personalize it while strengthening and resetting a new diamond in the ring.


  • jewelry photoRutledge Before
  • jewelry photoRutledge After


Client wanted to update his yellow gold diamond ring to a more sleek, modern two toned gold style.

  • jewelry photoRick Before
  • jewelry photoRick After


The Maggie family asked Leeanne to restyle 5 older rings and create 5 beautiful new rings each with modern and unique styles.

  • jewelry photoMaggie Before
  • jewelry photoMaggie Before
  • jewelry photoMaggie Before
  • jewelry photoMaggie Before
  • jewelry photoMaggie Before


  • jewelry photoMaggie After
  • jewelry photoMaggie After
  • jewelry photoMaggie After
  • jewelry photoMaggie After
  • jewelry photoMaggie After


Leeanne was asked to take grandmother`s diamond ring and create a more abstract, whimsical design.  A Ruby and  Sapphire was added to add colour and brighten the overall look.


  • jewelry photoKathy Before
  • jewelry photoKathy After

Other Restyled Pieces


Gorgeous diamond hoop earrings we restyled from a pendant that was outdated and not the owner’s style.

  • jewelry photojewelry photo



Esquire watch – changed yellow gold to Rhodium Plating for new modern look


  • jewelry photoBefore
  • jewelry photoAfter