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Custom & Restyling

 “Creating a masterpiece takes collaborative communication from start-to-finish.”

Leeanne Crawford

To back up this belief, each customer is engaged every step of the way to insure that expectations are exceeded and perfection is achieved. Working with Crawford on a custom creation involves five simple steps:

Step 1: The Introductory Meeting / Online Inquiry

Creating your masterpiece begins with an introductory meeting or email with Leeanne Crawford. At this time, your vision and ideas are discussed and the particulars of your creation are determined – for example stones, metals, styles and a review of existing jewellery or personality of the future owner are all discussed.

Step 2: Free Estimate

We start with what you have to work with – bring in any piece of jewelry you may have inherited or simply want to change and Leeanne will discuss with you the stones, the metals etc. that you already have to work with.  As much as possible your new piece will be developed out of these pieces that may be sentimental to you but are out of date or simply not your style.

Time is valuable so Crawford will want to know the true budget for your custom creation and Leeanne will genuinely accommodate your budget needs while always considering the aesthetic of your future creation

Your estimate will include how much your custom handmade masterpiece will cost to create including artwork, labor and finished piece. With all information agreed upon, the designing process is ready to begin.

Step 3: CAD Design – Free Hand Design – Carved Waxes

After your initial meeting or inquiry with Crawford, a price is agreed on, and a down payment received  – at this stage there will be initial designs – revisions – sketches – once these are approved Crawford is ready to design through CAD technology. With CAD, your future creation is mocked up virtually and 3D on the computer. With this CAD image, you’ll have a good sense of what the piece will look like. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide any notes or revisions to the design. Crawford will then create a 3D wax version of the piece. This wax model gives you the opportunity to hold, touch and review your creation.

Step 4: Casting To Perfection

Following your approval of the CAD design and the wax model, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your masterpiece will look and feel like. It is now time for Crawford to work with your precious metals and selected stones to configure the “actual” piece. Once the stones are set and the item is polished.   Your jewellery is complete.

Step 5: Your Masterpiece is Ready

Following this comprehensive process, the jewellery is now ready for you. Clients pick up their masterpiece at our studio/retail location or it will get shipped to you securely and insured.